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Obi Sebastian

Multi-Disciplinary + Visual Artist


By Request*


Date of Birth:

June 21st,  2000


 In 2022 I directed my debut short film Seeds around my neighbourhood a message to everyone it was inspired by  the parable written in  Matthew 13 the parable of the sower, said by Christ. Furthermore, performing a spoken word piece written for the residents of my area (South London)

Film & Creative Direction, Acting, Editing, Sound Design, Colour Grading & Physical/Digital Marketing
Software's (Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Premier Pro)

Poster Seeds.jpg

Buzoku Luna Marketing

A visual clothing campaign for Buzoku rebirth collection ; Buzoku is a collective I started with a friend in 2020 but now overtime has evolved into a living entity for multidisciplinary creativity .  Rebirth has been a theme in my life since 2020 which is when the idea of the Luna moth came to me; the spiritual meaning of the Luna moth is transformation & rebirth.
Company: Buzoku
Videographer: Miro Alleyne Mccarthy

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Sound Design, Editing 
Software (Adobe Photoshop)


Buzoku Tribe shoot

The first part of the Rebirth collection showcasing the White Tribe T-shirt designed by Alistair Clougher and highlighting the feminine outlook of Rebirth; encapsulating femininity and challenging current beauty standards.
Model: Hyabel

Photographer: Tracy L.M

Creative Direction, Content Creation, Graphic Design , Concept Design
Software's: Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Premier Pro

Test Shoot Colors Hyabel.jpg